Best Sites To Create a Free Personalized Wedding Site


by James S

Best Sites To Create a Free Personalized Wedding Site

He popped the question, you are over the moon. Then reality sets in, there is a wedding to plan. No matter how many weddings you have attended, nothing quite prepares you for planning your own wedding. All the details, the dress, the venue, the invitations and so much more. How are you going to handle it all? One of the best ways is to set up a personal wedding site and for that, there are some really great websites. Among the best are The Knot, Wedding Wire and Zola. Read on to find out about all the ways they can help you.

The Knot is pretty much a one-stop website for all things weddings. You can set up your personal wedding site right on their site. They have over 100 designs that you can choose from your site and if you change your mind, you can change the theme. You then give them your name and your fiancee's name and they create a personal URL for you. You can opt to allow your friends and family to see it in search engines. You then give them your wedding date and the location (this is optional) and the fun begins. You can add your registry, all the details for locations for your wedding, reception and even the rooms you may have blocked off for guests. It’s your site, add photos and personalize it to your heart's content, they encourage you to tell your story. All of this is free.

Wedding Wire allows you to create a personal website to help manage your wedding. You sign up with your email address and then give them your name, date and city of your wedding. They want more information as well, they ask how many guests you are expecting and how many vendors you still need, they provide a list to choose from. Once you have moved on they offer you a variety of deals including a free gift from Crate and Barret for attending a registry event and 10% off your registry at Wayfair among others. You can choose a theme for your personal website and it is also free on Wedding Wire. But this one has lots more personalization and if you are a creative person you will love what you can do here.

Zola is quite a different site from Wedding Wire and The Knot. It is more of a registry for your wedding guests to check out to see what gifts you would like to receive at your shower and your wedding. You register with your email address, you give them your name, your fiancee's name and the date of your wedding (you can say you are still deciding). They ask how many guests you are expecting and then how you are feeling about your registry, stressed, excited, nothing are all choices. They ask if you are registered at other stores and they offer to add those stores to your Zola registry. They list the benefits of using Zola, free shipping and returns, easy exchanges and a 20% discount post-wedding. They ask what you like to do together, things like cooking, having friends over and chilling at home are among the options. At this point, you sign up and then they make suggestions about what sort of things you might like on your registry.

Before you say I do there is a lot of work to do. It’s time to sign up for one or more of these sites to get the help you need for your wedding day.