Cheap Car Rentals


by James S

Cheap Car Rentals

Planning a trip to another city can be difficult when it comes to coordinating travel. After all, when people are away from home away without their own car, paying for Uber's can start to get quite expensive. When it comes down to it, renting a car can be a viable way to make traveling easier. Unfortunately, there are plenty of car rental companies that are ready and willing to rip off their customers with fees and heightened prices. In order to help make traveling easier, readers can continue on to hear about three great car rental companies. These car rental companies were chosen due to their mixture of quality cars, affordable prices, and convenient deals.

Enterprise is, by and large, the most popular car rental company in the country. Enterprise provides customers with access to a variety of different price points in order to make sure that their drivers walk away with the perfect vehicle for their trip. Enterprise has over 6,000 locations throughout the country, and they offer special discounted rates when customers make a rental online. What makes Enterprise surprisingly accessible is the fact that they work with younger drivers in the 21 to 25 range in order to help keep their rental costs down. Enterprise also frequently offers Weekend Special Rates, so drivers making a booking online might want to make sure that they target those dates. The average weekly price of a car rental through Enterprise will cost roughly $125.

While Enterprise definitely dominates their share of the market, Hertz is always right there with them. Hertz has locations in more than 1,600 airports throughout the United States alone. The daily average rental price of a car at Hertz is just $48.50 which puts it in the middle of the pack. However, Hertz prioritizes the quality of their car selection as they have hybrids, luxury cars, economy cars, and family cars. Hertz is partnered with AAA which makes them ultra-affordable for a certain segment of drivers who have a membership. Hertz also offers its own reward program for frequent renters. Hertz is slightly more expensive than Enterprise at the end of the day, but they offer a slightly more exciting collection of cars and rental benefits.

For drivers who need a rental car on a budget, Thrifty is probably the best option in the country. Thrifty does their best to reduce fees and expenses in order to offer an affordable, no-frills rental experience. Thrifty has some of the lowest prices in the entire automobile rental industry and it is easy to see why customers flock to them. Thrifty offers some neat features with an online check-in platform being one of their primary highlights. Thrifty's customer service can be lacking at times, but drivers who are willing to deal with spotty customer support will likely enjoy the best rates for a car rental in the entire industry. With Thrifty, renters can expect to pay an average of $34 per day, plus gasoline. Thrifty also supports AAA users, and they frequently offer discounted deals on weekends.

Renting a car can be frustrating, especially when you are on a tight budget. Thankfully, the three rental car companies above can provide quality and affordability into a convenient package. Whether someone is traveling for work or play, go to Thrifty, Hertz, or Enterprise for a quality car rental!