Earn a Bachelor's Degree Online


by James S

Earn a Bachelor's Degree Online

A bachelors degree from an online school is becoming increasingly valuable in the job market. The need for a bachelor's degree has opened up whole new career paths for those with good communication and technology skills. According to Doug Webber, the Director of Graduate Studies in the Economics Department at Temple University, college graduates are 117 times more likely to earn over $4 Million over their lifetime and will earn around $1 Million more than their high school peers. Currently, the average salary for those with a high school diploma as their highest education is $35,256 per year while those with a Bachelor's degree earn an average of $59,124 per year. Meanwhile, the median salary for a professional degree is a whopping $89,960 according to SmartAsset. Although there are many ways to become qualified as a business major, enrolling in a reputable online bachelors program can help people network and learn trend-setting skills needed to land the best jobs in the field. Read on to learn more today about some of the nation's best programs for students looking for a bachelor's degree.

The top five accredited online schools offer a wide range of course offerings for students to earn a bachelor's degree. Kaplan University offers an online program that helps students build skills in product promotion, data analysis, consumer behavior online, and how to strategize and evaluate online marketing efforts. Like Kaplan University, Florida Tech University Online offers a Master of Business Administration in Internet Marketing, educating students in e-commerce, social media, and mobile technologies as they relate to business development. The University of Phoenix incorporates online marketing degrees at the associate, bachelor's and master's level in its School of Business, helping students achieve their dreams as corporate executives and entrepreneurs.

Full Sail University also offers different degree levels in online marketing, including bachelor's and master's degrees. Students learn fundamental marketing concepts, then move on to incorporate how web design and interface, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing can engage potential and current customers. The International Academy of Design and Technology seeks to provide students with a wide base of knowledge and skills as they enter the internet marketing workforce, including public relations, web design and technology, analytics, mobile applications, and global internet issues. The IADT offers associate's and bachelor's degrees in internet marketing. Each of these top online marketing schools provides students with the knowledge and skills they need for a satisfying career in online marketing.

Choosing an online school offers the educational breadth and depth required for a satisfying career in this field. Because an online bachelors degree involves specializing in the regular utilization of technology of all kinds, getting a degree online requires students to get very comfortable with the online world. There is also the advantage of being able to attend class in the comfort of home instead of having to trudge to a physical classroom. Online schools provide convenience without sacrificing quality so that students can get started in their careers as soon as possible. However, students who desire to attend an online school need to be self-starters, reliable, well-organized, and dependable in order to complete the required work.

As well as providing high-quality, convenient education, a top online school can also be cost-effective for students who want to avoid crushing student loan debt. Even the most prestigious schools offering online bachelors degrees provide them at less than the cost of a traditional degree, especially when students factor in the cost of travel and room and board. The distance from a quality online program is no longer an issue, as students can attend classes from clear across the country.

There are, however, specific considerations for potential students to take into account when researching which of the top five online schools to attend. The most essential aspect of an online school is accreditation. An accredited online bachelors degree from a school that has been vetted by industry and educational experts, guaranteeing students college credits that can transfer as well as result in a respected degree. Another consideration is the types of technology that are used on a regular basis. Online courses require a specialized approach, including video conferencing, the ability to transfer documents securely in the cloud, stable messaging, and phone conferencing. These tools can facilitate the kind of communication that is required both in the online program as well as a students career.