New York City Hotel Deals


by James S

New York City Hotel Deals

New York City is not the easiest place in the world to find a hotel. A typical night in the Big City can easily run in the neighborhood of $300 to $500 daily if one doesn't spend a bit of time looking for a deal. Much of this is because the City is such a mecca for travel and tourism as well as a business and government center. That makes for a lot of demand against a supply that can't grow much bigger than it is with limited real estate. But that doesn't mean a visitor has to spend their life savings to stay in New York City. A number of websites make it very possible to do so in an affordable manner. Read on to learn more.

If you're flying in domestically, you're really going to want to take a look at Southwest Airlines at Some of the deals on their site can put together an airline route, car and hotel which can be truly amazing. It does take some looking and watching their site day in and day out, but when Southwest and their partnership with ring up a deal, it's very hard to beat. You can save anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of comparable costs versus other resources and year round. Southwest's deals are not limited to just specific seasons of the year. And you get Southwest point for the bookings. Some of the deals listed give you as much as $100 in points (10,000) to use on another Southwest trip in the future.

Expedia is another choice and their advantage is that they work with international customers. So, if you're flying in from outside the U.S., Expedia is probably one of the easiest hotel finders to work with when you know nothing about the area. The same benefit goes for Americans visiting as well. The savings aren't as pronounced as other sites, but you can find 10-30 percent discounted pricing on hotels with a bit of looking and comparison shopping. is another site to look at. Trivago works as a consolidator for hotels. They run multiple vendors and listings against each other and then provide the consumer the best choice of the day for a location. You end up with both very competitive pricing for the location as well as lots of reviews as to whether the site is worth the discount offered (sometimes cheap doesn't mean wonderful). The savings are typically ranging from 20 to 35 percent off normal pricing.

No matter where you go, the Marriott brand is a high-quality name to look for. And now that they have combined their resources with Sheraton, Marriott has even more choices in more cities to work with. The Marriott brand already included Courtyard and Fairfield Hotels as well as their own brand name locations. These are the folks most corporate accounts make sure to check and see what's available and are found in just about every medium town and plenty of road travel locations. New York CIty is no exception and there are numerous sites. In addition, if you're already a Marriott member, you can leverage your hotel points for discounted or free stays in New York City locations and added bonus to your work travel at other times of the year.