Roof Top Car Carriers


by James S

Roof Top Car Carriers

Don't have enough space inside your car? Try something on the outside! Whether a driver needs to transport luggage while they are moving across town, or they simply need extra space in order to stash groceries, a car cargo carrier can be of some help. Like most utilities that attach to vehicles, there are plenty of options to choose from and specifications to pay attention to. Shoppers can't simply pick a random cargo carrier and hope that it will fit on their vehicle. Today, shoppers will get to learn about a few of the top models on the internet. The following rooftop cargo carriers will supply shoppers with extra space, ease-of-access, and long-term durability. Keep on reading to learn about a few of the top rooftop cargo carriers in 2019.

Shoppers who want a simple rooftop cargo carrier will want to consider the Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Carrier by SUNER POWER on Amazon. This specialty rooftop carrier costs only $68.74 and it features a range of benefits that are hard to beat. This rooftop carrier has reinforced straps, six total hooks, 10 total reinforced straps, and an anti-slip mat. This cargo carrier is completely waterproof and made of military grade PVC. To put things plainly, this cargo carrier is built to last. This is one of the easiest to use cargo carriers on the internet and it can provide long term viability for people transporting luggage, groceries, or random items.

While some people are fine with soft shell carriers like the Suner Power model above, other drivers might want something a little more hardcore. at WalMart, shoppers can find the SportRack SR7040 Getaway L Roof Mount Cargo Box for just $251.98. This hard-shell cargo carrier has 15 cubic feet of capacity and is made of durable HDPEplastic. This carrier features a hard shell and it requires roof racks in order to be properly installed. The case itself weighs just 27lbs and it can handle up to 100lbs of products. This rooftop cargo carrier can be locked with a key and secured when drivers aren't near the vehicle. The SportRack SR7040 also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

For drivers who aren't able to secure their rooftop cargo carrier on top of their vehicle, Dick's Sporting Goods has an alternative option. At Dicks, the Rightline Gear Cargo Saddlebag is only $149.99 and it provides plenty of cargo carrier benefits. This saddlebag attaches to the back of the vehicle and provides the driver with significantly reduced drag in comparison to the other rooftop carriers. This saddlebag is made from PVC mesh and it is completely weather resistant. This saddle bag has a rigid frame and a soft exterior shell. The saddlebag is completely water resistant and can handle up to 13 cubic feet of storage. This cargo carrier comes with all required straps and a guide to set it up.

Rounding out the top cargo carriers for sale on the web is the Thule Motion XT L by Thule. This rooftop cargo carrier is mounted directly on top of the vehicle in question. This extra large storage box has been optimized for ease of use and quick access. This carrier has a slim design that still leaves plenty of room for storage. The Thule Motion XT L features a quick-mount, PowerClick system. This cargo carrier costs only $699.95 and can be acquired directly from Thule.