Top Three Credit Companies Offering Free Credit Scores


by James S

Top Three Credit Companies Offering Free Credit Scores

Grab hold of your financial potential with free information about your credit score. Knowing your credit score is important because it helps you decide what your buying power is and what areas to focus on to improve this important score. There are many factors that go into determining a credit score, including employment status, credit history, and financial consistency. There are also several different types of credit scores rather than a standard way to measure creditworthiness. Although banks and lenders may have their own method to determine a credit score, there are ways that general consumers can monitor their credit activity and keep on top of the score as it changes over the years. The top free credit monitoring sites today are Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and Using these sites will allow you to access your credit history and stay informed of changes as they occur. 

Credit Karma has become the most popular of the free credit monitoring sites for many reasons. They provide up to date score for both Transunion and Equifax. In addition to real-time credit monitoring alerts, they also offer a wide variety of financial tools for managing and planning for growth and purchases such as homes and cars. They also offer advice when looking for reputable lenders and credit cards that match the features and limits suited to each person on the site. It is an all in one solution to keeping tabs on credit scores and helping to build credit over the course of time. Anyone new to credit management should sign up for this free service. 

Credit Sesame is a top free credit monitoring service because they offer many of the same features as Credit Karma. They only monitor Transunion scores, however, but they do offer free credit dispute services as well as a wealth of credit-related information and services. They can match their subscribers to offers that are beneficial or that would serve to help them boost their credit score or buying power. They have other offers from partners companies that are designed to help people with past credit issues such as defaults and even bankruptcies. Their scores are updated monthly but they also offer free credit monitoring alerts throughout the year. is another top credit monitoring service. It is one of the few sites that allow their subscribers to monitor their credit report through Experian. Most of the monitoring services that report from Experian charge a small fee. One of the only drawbacks to this site is that it is only updated every three months. They do, however, offer the free dispute service so if there is a change to a credit report that is potentially inaccurate, the customer can dispute the claim directly from their site without having to log out to visit Experian directly. They also offer a complete credit report that logs changes through the entire credit history of the subscriber. In addition, they offer a wealth of expert advice on how to boost credit scores and keep them there over time.