Top Vet Clinics


by James S

Top Vet Clinics

Pets are like family. When your child, spouse or parent gets sick, you take them to the doctor. However, you usually don't take them to any doctor - you want the best. The same is true for your pet. Across the country, you can find a number of quality vet clinics that can help your pet potentially make a full recovery. Because loving your pet means giving them the care they need, read on to find out about the best vet clinics in the country. These clinics offer quality veterinarian services from experts trained to tackle any condition your pet is suffering from.

Banfield Vet Clinics is probably one of the biggest names in the animal medical care industry. Right now, the company is offering a 50 percent off discount for new patient accounts being setup, which can be a huge cost savings, depending on the services needed. Banfield Vet Clinics tend to be pretty easy to find, oftentimes partnered with PetSmart stores. They will show up on Google search, local search, map queries and more in just about every town. Similarly, Vetco, a medical service of Petco, is also offered at their chain stores as well in many locations. In competition, no surprise, Vetco is offering the same 50 percent off discount for new patient accounts in March 2019 as well. Just look for a Petco store and a Vetco office will probably be inside.

VCA Animal hospitals connects together a number of different clinics under the same corporate umbrella. These operations are run similar to a franchise but coordinated under VCA. Because they frequently include very experienced vet clinics versus chain store setup just started only a few years ago, VCA clinics have a heavy relationship with all types of insurance providers and are used to the claim processing procedures. Believe it or not, the touring circuit of VIP Petcare is also extremely affordable for basic pet care, vaccinations, checkups and simple prescriptions. This outfit works best for dogs and cats, and you do have to expect to wait in line for where they show up. They work in 28 states and 2,700 locations. They also give coupons in the mail which drop their cost even more for return customers, and they help fill out the insurance forms for cost recovery.

Vet schools are also a source of good pricing, if you're okay with learning students providing the help. Schools need real cases to work on, so many Vet schools offer pet medical help at discounted prices, guided by a teaching and licensed Vet. Vet schools are probably the best option for larger animal patients, such as cattle, horses and farm animals. They have the tools, training and facilities to handle such creatures and do far more than the local vet clinic can handle. U.C. Davis in the Sacramento region, for example, runs a Vet school with large pens and a heavy emphasis or horse medicine. The best way to get info on whether a vet school is available is to call the university or college for specifics.

Holistic approaches to pet care have also produced very good results and savings for many pet owners, particularly dogs. This involves natural remedies and watching what actually goes into the diet of a pet. By boost specific vitamins and minerals overall energy and coat health can be improved very quickly as well as weight loss can occur for overweight dogs. But still use a vet for consultation and expert help when dealing with a serious pet health issue.