Firewood and Mulch Delivery Services


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Firewood and Mulch Delivery Services

Staying on top of yard maintenance and upkeep of supplies, such as mulch and firewood, can be a full-time job. When time or hauling options limit pickup access, home delivery services fill the gap by offering convenient access to needed goods and services. Depending on the size of an order, a local hardware store or retail chain, such as Home Depot or Lowe's can step in and provide delivery of bags of firewood for the grill, chimenea or fireplace and transport sacks of mulch for the garden or yard. For larger orders, particularly of firewood, local dealers are often best utilized because of the United States Department of Agriculture restrictions on the transportation of firewood from state to state due to the spreading of insect infestations. Read in to learn more.

When shopping for firewood delivery services, kiln-dried firewood is the primary option for nationwide transport. Home Depot, Walmart and Lowe's all carry kiln-dried options. This firewood is, as the name implies, dried in a kiln at a temperature sufficient to reduce the wood's moisture content for long-burning and heat-producing results -160 degrees F for at least 75 minutes. It is the favored wood for fire pits and wood stoves. The kiln's temperature is also high enough to kill any insects considered a threat to trees in the delivery area. At Lowe's, 0.75 cubic feet of Premium Kiln-Dried Firewood costs $5.79 with a truck delivery option or in-store pickup. Truck delivery is a flat $79 fee. For $19.99 with free shipping 0.65 cubic feet Enviro Flame Premium Firewood can be purchased at Walmart. ACE Hardware sells Eco Forest Kiln-Dried Firewood in a mixed hardwood blend for $6.99 per 0.6 cubic feet but requires a minimum order of 65 online. Free home delivery is included.

Firewood used for heating a home, particularly an open fireplace or old-fashioned wood heater is best obtained locally through a regional provider. In the Los Alamitos, California area, South Coast Supply sells pallets of approximately 1/2 cord of wood at set prices. One pallet of pine, cedar or walnut costs $190 while almond and fruit woods jump to $210 per pallet. Oak is the priciest at $230. The price may vary seasonally based on supply and demand. In Georgia, Cutting Edge Wood markets a subscription service offering a four-foot tall by two-foot wide rack of wood for $199 delivered. In areas surrounding the Connecticut and New York state border, the Premier Firewood Company provides delivery of 1/3 cord firewood packages for $320 with 1/6 cord of wood sold at $210.

For the yard enthusiast, mulch is a constant companion for flower beds and the early garden. Home Depot offers Earthgro Brown Mulch in a 2-cubic-foot size for home delivery at $3.75 per bag with a bulk order price reduction to $3.38 for orders of 60 or more. The product helps deter weed growth while moderating temperature and conserving soil moisture. A flat delivery fee of $79 applies. For a bulk order, 38.5 five cubic feet of Vigoro Cedar Red Rubber Mulch for ground cover or playgrounds can be purchased for $646.98 through the retailer. For an easy location of local professionals, Amazon offers connections to local mulch delivery and installation services. In the Burbank area of California, Sphinx Landscape can provide 1 cubic yard of fine mulch with delivery, even distribution and cleanup for $350. The price for two cubic yards rises to $550.

Delivery services help take the guesswork out of firewood and mulch purchases by transporting the items directly to a home or work site. Savings add up on bulk orders, and firewood stacking or mulch distribution is often available for an added fee. Given the convenience, the extra cost may prove a sound investment.