Hiring a Virtual Assistant


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Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are rapidly becoming the backbone of business everywhere. A virtual assistant works hand-in-hand with their client in order to provide a set of specific services. From scheduling meetings to handling data-entry work, a virtual assistant can be a frontline commodity for businesses of every industry. Hiring a virtual assistant used to require extensive research as well as a trial-and-error based approach. Nowadays, there are multiple major platforms that broker and foster relationships between professional virtual assistants and the businesses that need them. Found below, readers will learn about three of the best virtual assistant platforms on the internet.

Zirtual Virtual Assistants has made waves in the entrepreneurial world due to the fact that they provide an accessible platform for businesses to explore in order to connect with talented assistants. Zirtual has an intuitive interface that allows businesses to pick the professional that meets their personal requirements. Zirtual has been used by Apple, Google, and even the Stanford School of Medicine. Zirtual offers a range of pricing guidelines that begin at just $398 per month and run all the way up to $1398 per month. Users interested in pursuing Zirtual's services need only register an account in order to get started on the process.

Hiring a freelance virtual assistant has never been so easy thanks to the progress being made at Upwork. Upwork has long been one of the pioneers of the virtual freelance world, and they've collaborated with several major tech brands including Microsoft and Dropbox. Upwork features an online dashboard that is easy for customers to utilize in order to curate searchers for their own specific type of virtual assistant. Upwork allows clients to post detailed job listings with specifications and pre-requisites before allowing freelancers to come and bid on the project with elaborate pitches. Upwork offers a range of different pricing options in order to suit clients of all tiers. Upwork's basic package is completely free but it lacks the high-end customization and hiring options that their $499/month Business option provides. Interested users need head to Upwork's portal page in order to explore the different pricing options and features available.

Bottleneck Virtual Assistants has been in business since 2006 which makes them one of the oldest virtual assistant services on the internet. Bottleneck has a 3-tired process that they employ in order to vet all potential freelancers before adding them to their team. Bottleneck than selects from their finalists in order to supply businesses with the perfect match for their specific needs. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants provides customers with virtual assistants for every conceivable category of business from administrative and bookkeeping to appointments and social media management. Bottleneck Virtual Assistants also offers frequent coupon codes in order to provide discounts to businesses that need a leg up. Users who are interested in hiring a virtual assistant from Bottleneck can get a free consultation directly from the company.

Ultimately, hiring a virtual assistant can provide a multitude of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Whether someone is an entrepreneur who merely needs help to relay messages or a major business that needs consistent customer outreach, a virtual assistant can accomplish the task. The virtual assistant firms highlighted above all feature high-quality services at a reasonable rate.