The Top Magazine Subscriptions


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The Top Magazine Subscriptions

Whether sitting in an office waiting or relaxing at home, everyone can enjoy a good magazine. It can help pass the time, or it can get a person's mind off of everyday life. The pictures and short articles can captivate the readers and send their mind into another world to dream or give them ideas they have not thought of before. The stories can inspire readers, and they get lost in the pictures. Subscriptions keep the readers fascinated by acquiring their favorite magazines. These are some of the best sellers on Amazon that you can sign up for today.

The number one best selling magazines on Amazon is "Eating Well." People who love to cook love this magazine because it has numerous amounts of recipes for healthy meals. The pictures in the magazine are captivating and can make anyone hungry. Who says eating healthy does not have to look or taste this good? The recipes in the award-winning magazine are quick and easy, and it has information on where to find the ingredients and shopping tips. Included are articles that explain the dishes and ideas on what to cook for large and small families. Some people live with illnesses such as; diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Everyone can find good recipes to accommodate a healthy change in their diets. This magazine can only be shipped within the United States. The subscription is renewed automatically for the low price of $5.49 per year and can be canceled at any time.

The second best-selling magazine on Amazon is "National Geographic Kids." Parents just love this magazine for their children because it has such valuable information and facts to help kids learn new things. It encourages children to read and is created for kids six and older. "National Geographic Kids" is an award-winning magazine for its photos and factual stories which makes learning fun. This magazine has been around for more than 35 years and is still going strong on the market. Articles and topics in the magazine include; science, animals, archaeology, technology, geography, and pop culture. It also includes fun stuff like games, jokes, and activities kids can do to pass the time while learning new things. At the end of the year, the subscription renews and can be canceled at any time with a reminder letting the subscriber know before the term ends. "National Geographic for Kids" can be found on Amazon for the low price of $15.00 for a year's subscription.

Coming in at number three for the best-selling magazine on Amazon is "Real Simple." This magazine is created for women who are always on the go and are looking for creative ideas for everyday life. It focuses on the lifestyle of women who love working, shopping, organizing, entertaining company, hanging out with their friends, and just relaxing and enjoying their alone time. Women lead a very stressful life, especially those that work and have families. This magazine helps with ideas on how to manage life the simplest way possible. It is a great purchase or gift for women who stress on a day to day basis. With the one-year auto-renewal subscription, it is only $10.00 a year and can be canceled at any time.