Top Online Computer Science Degree Programs


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Top Online Computer Science Degree Programs

The demand for those who have computer science skills has grown swiftly in the past several years, and there is no reason to believe that trend will slow. Individuals with computer science degrees can find jobs in almost any industry, and students can specialize in areas like programming, software design, network security and data analytics. Because there are so many computer science degrees offered online, people wanting to pursue a career in computer science can work at their own pace and complete an entire degree without setting foot on a college campus. When choosing a specific school, potential students need to know whether the school is accredited, how much it costs, if the school offers financial aid, and what kind of support students receive, among other factors. The top online computer science degree programs include Penn State University -- World Campus, the University of Illinois at Springfield and Champlain College.

Penn State University -- World Campus finds its way to the top of many lists of best online programs because of its truly outstanding level of student support. Students have access to financial aid, counseling, career services and anything else on campus students would have. They can choose majors in information systems and technology or information and cyber security, and almost 90% of students receive financial aid. The teacher to student ratio is 1 to 17, and students can apply with little to no background in computer science. Even an Associate's Degree prepares individuals for entry level jobs, and Penn State graduates are connected to the worldwide alumni network made up of all Penn State grads.

The University of Illinois at Springfield is a state school offering Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science or information systems security. The teacher to student ration is only 1 to 13, and about 60% of students receive financial aid. Already one of the less expensive schools, the University of Illinois has a wide ranging policy of accepting transfer credits from other sources. All programs are fully accredited and are held to the same standards as those for on campus students. Some classes require students to make a trip to campus, but this obligation can usually be filled with a visit to a local community college. Students have access to several library services, career services, disability services and mediation and conflict resolution for university disputes.

Champlain College is a private, nonprofit college and can be more expensive than some other options. Champlain students can enjoy a 14 to 1 student to teacher ratio, at a school where the focus is on educational excellence and career preparedness. Champlain added online programs to accommodate a new generation of students who were working adults, and now there are more than 3,000 students spread throughout all 50 states and in other countries. There are 3 semesters per year, with each semester split into 2 terms, so undergraduate classes can be finished as quickly as 7 weeks. Students must check in online every week, and those who fail to participate in class may be withdrawn. The transcript will not reveal that the student earned the degree online, and all programs are accredited and held to high standards.