Why You Should Consider a Degree in Cyber Security


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Why You Should Consider a Degree in Cyber Security

Just a couple of decades ago, people used to carry out all their business dealings in brick and mortar shops. Back then, there was no Facebook or Twitter to surf or build a brand on, and no Instagram to share personal photos. Internet speed was restricted to few kilobytes per second, at best. Fast forward twenty years, and now almost every business has an online presence, and there are no signs that things are going to change in the near future. That’s why experts are predicting strong growth in the cyber security job market. According to recent research, by 2019 there would be 6 million vacant positions in the cyber security job sector, and you could be one of the millions to fill that job position. Truly speaking, the future looks rosy, and there would be an incremental increase in salaries for cyber security professionals. That’s why you should seriously consider doing an online cyber security program now, so you can be ready as jobs begin to open up faster than ever. Think a cyber security career might be right for you/ Keep reading to learn more!

There are a few differences between a traditional IT career and a cyber security professional. While the former might have basic knowledge regarding cyber security, he/she might not be fully trained in all aspects of information security. Hence, organizations would have to spend billions if they wish to train their existing IT experts into cyber security professionals. It would rather be convenient for them to hire experts directly, as it would save both time and money. Having a degree in cyber security is a great step toward a career that may not only be fulfilling, but lucrative!

Now, did you ever wonder why there is such an astronomical growth in this sector? It all comes down to growth on the internet. These days, people living even in the remotest area of the world are connected with the richest people living in New York or London, all via the internet. Previously, people had to use cash to purchase products. Now, they can simply use a card over the internet to purchase things right from home. This can cause security issues, however, that could land credit card and banking information in the wrong hands. A cyber security professional ensures that hackers don’t gain access to databases or customer information, keeping that information secure from hackers. Plus, they have to make sure confidential information in an organization is kept safe and isn’t accessed by someone with malicious intent. Even modern social platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, require cyber security experts. They make sure user data and information are kept safe and aren’t mishandled by someone. One could go on and on regarding the reasons why cyber security experts are in hot demand, and experts predict that things are going to get even trickier in the near future and might require more efficient experts.

There are both online and offline programs available in cyber security. You can choose either, but recently many courses are being arranged in online platforms. There are several benefits to online courses, such as flexibility in scheduling and being able to earn a degree from home. In addition, students can choose from programs offered all over the world, without the need to relocate, allowing students to choose the best programs out there. Through online programs, students can have hands-on training regarding cyber security and its components, receive updated knowledge and gain the technical know-how to become an expert in cyber security. These degrees are accredited by most reputed authorities of cyber security and accepted by various organizations around the world as credible proof of knowledge and skills.

In summary, while other sectors are going through a job crisis, this sector has been growing exponentially over the past few decades. And if you take expert opinion into consideration, things are going to get better for aspiring cyber security professionals for the foreseeable future. If you think this might be a good career choice for you, research online cyber security programs today, so you can find the one that's a great fit for you and your career goals!